Teschner & Co Frankfurt/Oder – Model: Bock Büsch Flinte S/S (1838-75)

Type: Buchsflinte / Combination Gun
Brand: Teschner & Co. Frankfurt/Oder. (Tipoldefar)
Year: 1838-75 
Caliber: 16? / Cal 5
Lock System: Teschner Kiplauf with Internal locks   
Engraving: Arabesk
Barrel: 750 mm – The barrel is made of a special Rosen Damast of very high quality with Teschner name inlaid in silver on the sight skin.
Comments: One of the first constructions with internal taps. The system is with long impact pins where the firing cap sits in the middle of the powder charge, the system should give a better combustion of the powder than if it was lit from behind


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  1. Hvor er det flot, godt gået

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