Halger International Waffen, London Hamburg – Model: Mod H. Gerlich O/U (1924-25)

Type: O/U Shot Gun
Brand: Halger International Waffen, London Hamburg, Model H. Gerlich. Made by Hartlein Suhl
Year: 1924-25
Caliber: 12/70 – two set of Barrels
Lock System: Side Lock type Holland Holland with Gerlich Patent
Engraving: Arabesk engraving with Mod. H. Gerlich logo on the side lock and HG logo on top lock.
Barrel: 622 mm + Exchange Barrel 704 mm  
Comments: Mod. H. Gerlich has all the Gerlich features, Heavy Trap Gun, Holland & Holland side Lock with Gerlich patented improved safety. Double Greener locking. The gun has 2 sets of Barrels Hunting and Trap Shooting, the only difference is the length and ventilated sight rail



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